Minagar Consulting

Accounting Services

Dear Friends, Business Colleagues,
Minagar Consulting will help you for high quality accounting services.
Our high experienced and knowledgeable management has 25 amount of years in successfully delivering our services to the Clients.
We can help you, without disturbing in your daily routine, with the following services:
1. Bookkeeping
2. Accounting software
3. Accountant appointing and training
4. Accounting system designing
5. Feasibility study
6. Financial audit report

— Jafar Minagar (Associate Partner of Crowe Horwath)
Minagar Management Consulting
Please find our contact details:

Minagar Management Consulting
Al Masraf Tower, office 303
Banyas Road,
Dubai, Deira

Tel: +971 4 2247978
Fax: +971 4 2241842
email: info@minagar.com